• 2004

    KaiLong was founded.

  • 2005

    KaiLong's first acquisition, Tiziano Villas in Shanghai.

  • 2006

    Acquired our first decentralized office project, the Life Hub@Daning Office Buildings in Shanghai.

    Acquired the first retail project, Dragon Gate Mall in Shanghai.

    Acquired Trinity Villas in Shanghai.

  • 2007

    Cargill became the major shareholder.

    First deal, Tiziano Villas, was exited. KaiLong completed the first full investment and asset management cycle.

    Hangzhou joint venture was established and acquired our first business park, Binjiang Intelligence Port in Hangzhou and completed phase II development.

    Acquired JinLinTiandi in Shanghai.

    Acquired Nexus Center and Xihuan Plaza in Beijing.

  • 2008

    Beijing Branch office opened.

    Shanghai's Trinity Villas was exited.

  • 2009

    Shanghai's Life Hub@Daning Office Buildings was exited.

    Beijing's Nexus Center was exited.

    Shanghai's JinLinTiandi (1st exit) was exited. The buyer entrusted KaiLong to continue to manage the asset.

  • 2010

    KaiLong's first RMB Fund was raised and acquired two projects in Beijing

    Rykadan Capital Limited became one of the major shareholders.

    Hong Kong office opened.

    Acquired Metropolis Tower in Beijing.

  • 2011

    KaiLong RMB Fund II was raised and acquired five projects in Shanghai and Chengdu.

    Acquired Rykadan Capital Tower in Hong Kong.

    Our charity fund, K Foundation, was founded.

    Beijing's Xihuan Plaza, Hangzhou's Binjiang Intelligence Port and Shanghai's JinLinTiandi (2nd exit) were exited.

  • 2012

    KaiLong RMB Fund III was raised and acquired two projects in Jinqiao, Shanghai.

    KaiLong RMB Fund IV was raised and acquired two projects in Zhangjiang, Shanghai.

    Acquired Kailong Nanhui Business Park in Shanghai.

    Beijing's Metropolis Tower was exited.

  • 2013

    KaiLong's maiden US dollar fund was launched with an initial closing of US$100 million and targeting up to US$300 million.

    The first RMB fund was successfully exited with very outstanding result.

    Shanghai's Dragon Gate Mall was exited.

  • 2014

    KaiLong 10th anniversary.

    Launched our re-branding program, adopted a new slogan "Innovation, powered by experience" as our core value.

    After restructuring, 85% shares of the group is held by management team.

    K Foundation started a series of charity programs, including sponsoring students in Guizhou and Henan, funding sustainable charity program in Sichuan with Shanghai Song Qing Ling Foundation and sponsoring the "Community Art Centre for Orphaned and Disabled Children" in Shanghai.

    Hong Kong's Rykadan Capital Tower was exited.

  • 2015

    KaiLong reached a final close of US$238 million on its maiden US-dollar fund,surpassing its original fundraising target by US$38 million.

    Acquired South Yunnan Road project in downtown Shanghai.

  • 2016

    KaiLong jointly acquired an en-bloc R&D office building in Beijing Zhongguancun area, together with a business partner.

    KaiLong Successfully Launched Second Outbound Investment Fund and acquired three office buildings in London.

    Warburg Pincus-backed D&J China Formed Strategic Partnership with KaiLong. The partnership would allow the two companies to share resources in the industry and their unique capabilities in development, asset management and financing and fund management.

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