Our business


Our core competitiveness in investment & business development includes:


Multi-channel deal sourcing – KaiLong cultivates and maintains an excellent network of contacts to ensure a steady flow of investment opportunities and current, accurate information, providing our customers with everything they need to make the most of unique and timely opportunities. 


Rigorous due diligence and sound underwriting practices – Our professionals are trained to meet the most stringent global standards of due diligence and underwriting. We have designed and refined our processes to conform to the standard practices of major institutional investors, while still allowing our team the flexibility to navigate the dynamic Chinese market.


Contract negotiation – Backed by in-depth knowledge of and experience with local laws and regulations, our negotiation specialists are highly-skilled at translating underwriting to contractual terms.


Debt financing – KaiLong consistently negotiates favorable financing terms through our strong relationships with domestic and international financial institutions. By leveraging up-to-date information on global real estate capital markets as well as the latest Chinese banking and foreign exchange policies, our dedicated professionals are able to design intelligent, optimized financing structures for attractive investment returns.

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