KaiLong Exits Two Outbound Funds

JAN 2018

KaiLong Group has successfully exited its Outbound Investment Fund I & II. The two funds invested into a portfolio of four centrally located serviced office assets in the City of London.

The portfolio comprises of a total Gross Floor Area of around 160,000 square feet. With around 1,800 desks space combined, these assets are all located within Zone 1 of Central London. All the assets are within short walking distances of the London Tube stations. KaiLong established Outbound Investment Fund I & II in 2015 and 2016 respectively for the acquisition.

The Founder & Chairman of KaiLong Group, Hei Ming Cheng said, “The exit of Outbound Investment Fund I & II showcased our capability to provide risk-adjusted returns to its investors through KaiLong’s global investment channels.” Mr. Cheng also stated that “It is a timely exit, given that the assets had been fully leased up after a refurbishment executed, and had since stabilized. Through this exit, the Net Internal Rate of Returns achieved for investors were around 20%”.

Founded in 2004, KaiLong has forged ahead as one of the most successfully and competitive real estate investment management firms in the region. To date, KaiLong has invested over 2.7billion USD in 47 assets. Of these, twenty eight have already been exited with excellent risk-adjusted returns.

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