‘BID FOR LOVE’ Charity Art Auction organized

MAR 2014

‘BID FOR LOVE’ Charity Art Auction organized by KaiLong Charity Fund was successfully held at Shanghai Basai Contemporary Art Museum on 8th March 2014. Around 100 kindhearted people attend event and participating in bidding.

During two-month preparation, ‘BID FOR LOVE’ Charity Art Auction collected 34 pieces of art works from more than twenty donators. The art works are from both professional and amateur artist.

All fund raised will be donated to KaiLong Charity Fund, which will be 100% used for helping the poor students, the needy children and funding sustainable charity projects.

Founded in 2011, with initial funding from KaiLong, donations from KaiLong staff members and friends, KaiLong Charity Fund’s mission is “joining forces to give back to the society”. We have participated in charity activities such as helping poor students in mountain areas in Guangdong; helping the poor students, needy elderly and funding sustainable charity projects in Majimi, Yunnan; funding child surgery through the Beacon of Love; other volunteer work and donations to Shanghai Renewal Center, Forever Love Children Center and Heart to Heart Shanghai.

KaiLong Charity Fund plans to organize a few charity activities during 2014, which includes three major charity tours to visit and donate to needy people (including poor students, needy children and sustainable charity projects). Through these charity tour, KaiLong Charity Fund will discover long term charity projects and help those need people with hope and love.

For donation or information, please contact:

John Guo t: +8621 5012 1668 e:

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