JAN 2013
KaiLong Charity Fund successfully raised RMB 170,000

KaiLong Charity Fund successfully raised RMB 170,000 on 19th Jan while company's 8th anniversary party was held. The money was donated by VIP guests, previous and current company employees.

KaiLong Charity Fund was established in2011. It aims to cohere staff to take up the social responsibility and contribute to the society by donating in some sustainable programs to help the students and underprivileged groups.

KaiLong Charity Fund has been involved in helping poor students in mountain areas in Guangdong; clothing and other donations to 'hearts together' project and volunteering in Shanghai Renewal Center. We will continue our donation to these three major projects in 2013. Moreover, the fund plans to volunteer and make donation to some poor counties in Yun Nan, China.

Please accept our sincere thanks for the donation to our KaiLong Charity Fund. Your donation will mean a lot to the people in need. You can contact us if you want to donate more or participate in our charity activities.

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