MAY 2015
KFoundation charity tour to Mulan County, Heilongjiang Province

Five representatives of KFoundation made a tour to Mulan County, Heilongjiang Province on May 16 and 17 to visit the co-operative breeding base and families the Foundation is sponsoring. The project was launched in November 2014 and targeted to help 30 families to make a living through providing them interest-free loan in terms of material to fugus, pig and chicken farming.  The farmers will pay back the loan in three years and the money will be used to help the next 30 families. That’s why the program is called “Farmer Entrepreneurship Baton Plan”                                       


The team was also received by the provincial Agriculture Department to visit their enormous pine forests.  All were very indulged in the natural scenery, the clean crisp air and the truly organic food  that can hardly find in the city. So the team has determined to introduce the green food that are  produced by the program families to Shanghai in the very near future. 

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