APR 2017
2017 Le Chang Charity Visit

April 15-17, the volunteers of KFoundation and Xiang Shan Ju Mu Foundation traveled from Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen to Le Chang city. The purpose of the charity tour is to visit the sponsored family to understand their living condition and encourage the students to overcome the hardships.


Shu Ting and her injured mine worker’s family

Shu Ting is one of the sponsored students. She is very smart and mature. Shu Ting’s dad was a mine worker. Since a tragic accident, he is paralyzed from waist below and completely lost the ability to work. Shu Ting’s mom needs to take care of the dad and also provides for the family. She rents a small land for farming in order to make money. The family barely has enough income even with the government subsidy. Shu Ting studies really hard. She is currently first year in high school and ranks number 12 in the whole grade. The wall at her home covers with her award. Shu Ting told us her favorite subject is math. She wanted to do finance related job in the future. Our volunteers deeply moved by Shu Ting’s positive attitude. We wished her the best and encourage her to keep up study.


Xiao Ting, the girl who grow up with her grandma

Xiao Ting and grandma lives at her uncle’s house. Her dad passed away when she was 1 year old. Her mom left her to grandma and never contacted them again. Grandma became very upset when she talked about the mom, “It was so cruel to leave a baby behind.” Xiao Ting was very calm on the other hand. She grade was average but she wished to be a kindergarten teacher after graduate, making money to support the family.


Xiao Ping and her single parent family

Xiao Ping and her family rent a small bedroom. Her mom alone needs to take of three children. She works part time in a factory nearby because she needs spare some time to take care of Xiao Ping’s sick sister. Xiao Ping was really good in school. It was her last year in high school and she would like to continue to study in university. Our volunteer told her not to worry about the tuitions as we will do everything to help her.


All volunteers were very touched after they visited the students. The kids were too young to carry the burdens. We wished all the best to them and hoped KFoundation could help them to achieve their dreams. 

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