AUG 2017
2017 Guangdong Shaoguan Charity Visit

August is usually the season of harvest for many students. However, some students might worry about their tuition when they receive their college acceptance letter. A few thousand dollars of tuition fee and transportation fee each year would be a huge burden for their families. To help these students to achieve their college dream, KFoundation and Hong Kong Xiang Shan Ju Mu Student Aid Foundation have sponsored 171 underprivileged students over 6 years. 

From August 12th – 14th, the volunteers of KFoundation traveled to Guangdong Province Shaoguan City from Shanghai, to visit the underprivileged students. 

Shu Ting was the first family the volunteers visited. She was accepted by Beijing University of International Business and Economics. Shu Ting’s brother is also the city’s top ten outstanding students. However, her father was injured at work and her mother had to support the whole family. Shu Ting looked forward for her college life in the coming September. It would be a great opportunity for her to study in a big city. 

The volunteers then visited Jia Yao, she admitted this year to Southern Medical University with high grades. She would be studying traditional Chinese medicine. Jia Yao’s mother and grandmother was sick at home, the entire family relay on her father alone. 

Apart from visiting the students, the volunteers also chatted with them and to share life advice. These students endure a lot of pressure compared to their peers, but they are sensible, strong and willing to change their future through hard work. 

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