In 2011, KaiLong founded the KFoundation together with generous support from KaiLong employees and friends, uniting the KaiLong community under our shared mission to give back to society.


Our focus is on assisting needy students and underprivileged children, as well as funding sustainable charity projects. We are committed to ensuring that 100% of donations are used on charity projects, with no deduction of administrative costs.      


Since its inception, the KFoundation has donated a total of 3.3 million RMB to worthy causes.


To date, some of our major charity projects have included:


Sponsoring needy students in Guizhou, Henan and Guangdong

To date, we have sponsored a total of 1200 students, with ages varying from primary school to university students. Many of our sponsored students are from rural provinces or have backgrounds of similar economic hardship. We strongly believe that access to education is the key to upward social mobility, and are happy to be able to assist in this opportunity for needy students.  


Collaborating with the Shanghai Song Ching Ling Foundation on the “Farmer Entrepreneurship Baton Plan” 

Targeting farming communities of roughly 30 households, we provide interest-free loans to help them establish sustainable small businesses and upgrade farming practices. Loans are paid off after three years, and the funds are then passed on allow a new start for the next farming community.


Sponsoring a community art center for orphaned and disabled children in Shanghai
We sponsored one classroom in an art center for orphaned and disabled children in Pudong, Shanghai. We are proud to support the creative exploration that we believe every child needs.


Funding children medical operations
In 2017, we started to fund medical operations for orphans.

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